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2021: Ultimate Year of Change

After a year that saw me work from home in the early months and become super bored with not leaving the house, I decided to take my creation of a smörgåsbord of a YouTube channel and take it seriously, as with most other things in my life. After taking things slow Potation Rotation to close out 2020 and into 2021 it is finally time to crank things up!

My limitations with getting content out was largely due to my attention to finding a new full-time job. It took nearly 4 months of looking before I finally landed where I felt I needed to be for both my mentality and future career. I also moved, but that wasn't part of my plan for change. Now that the big things are out of the way the last thing I needed to do was take Potation Rotation to the next level and make it an official business. Enter Potation Rotation LLC! I am now not only brainstorming content, drafting outlines, producing, filming, editing, doing the socials, and all that jazz, but I am now also the Owner and President! Being the sole member of the company now also sees me officially doing the financials and doing who-knows-what yet with the website. I also need to super-invest for growth, which means more $$$, which means I may have to think merch and a Patreon (which I hate the thought of). Super marketer will then be added to my title!

Lord Jesus this makes me wish I could hire just one person, but LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING: I'm not even making anything off this venture...yet! Still working a day job and now really wanting to give my all in my free time to Potation Rotation. I'm hoping I don't burn out! But yes here I am, really the Jack-of-all-trades wearing many hats here and, in the end, I just want to say THANK YOU for the support I've had in the slow growth of the channel over the last year. There are still changes coming. It's all fine tuning. It's all still finding a solid groove to fall into. I...WE will fall into it soon! Until then, cheers!

- Paul

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